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Andrew Goode MBA FCIM MSc

Director – Blue Dolphin Business Development Ltd

Andrew Goode - Strategic Marketing, Business Development and Wordpress Websites - Blue Dolphin Business Development Ltd


Personal Details

Director at Blue Dolphin Business Development Ltd helping companies improve their Strategic Business Development, Marketing, Sales and Website / Email Performance


Following a 5 year Mechanical Technician Engineering Apprenticeship at British Timken (which included IT & Electronics) worked as Production Design Engineer  at Plessey Capacitors (who subsequently became Arcotronics). Whilst studying for a Diploma in Management Studies was introduced into the “dark side” of marketing, which led to further marketing qualifications and marketing based job roles (involving retail, distribution and Far East Sourcing )

Working for Business Link provided a fantastic opportunity to work with growth oriented SME’s and become engaged in collaborative design and marketing projects. This provided the stimulus to establish our business development consultancy 18 years ago.

Some Of The Companies I Have Worked With

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