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An Introduction To Search Intent

The following points may help you when considering search intent (Search intent is meaning)

  • Stop thinking that you know best

How to identify search intent

  • what are they looking for
  • Intent stages
    • Informational –  why, what , how , who , can you , list of etc
    • Commercial – best, compare, reviews, shop , online
    • Transactional – buy , vouchers, cheap , cost of
    • Local –  near me, local,  actual places

Semantics in search – how are queries constructed

  • Start with the query
    • What does the customer want to find
    • Shorter queries leave a lot to interpreation
An Introduction To Search Intent Andrew Goode - Strategic Marketing, Business Development and Wordpress Websites - Blue Dolphin Business Development Ltd

Lets compare the following query

Version 1 – Can Dogs Stand (ability of a dog to stand)


Version 2 – Standing Dog ( picture of a dog standing)

Think about nouns

  • Do puppies dream of electric cats

What do verbs imply?

  • Do all dogs love bones
  • Dogs lie – ( is that laying down or telling untruths)

Check the syntax

  • Whats the order of the words
    • Dogs love versus Love dogs

Intent is not a label it is meaning

  • Why do dogs fart
  • Best dog food for gassy dogs
  • Buy dog perfume online
  • Dog toilet near me


Use related searches to form a bigger picture

  • This is becoming more important with the increase in voice search

Implied intent by organic results

  • Good dog – could be
    • dog walking services
    • travel crates
    • leads
    • food
    • etc

What stories are the SERPS telling you

  • Search Engine Results Pages
  • Understand the competitive landscape
  • Create intent specific content – Term / Related / Intent
  • Every keyword should have its own intent

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