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Tactics To Get More Website Links

3 inconvenient truths about link acquisition tactics

  1. Its really hard to get quality links
  2. Its imperative that you get links if you want to rank
  3. A lot of SEO’s are guilty of relying on outreach

Some approaches and techniques

1. Get you content into publications

  • Create assets / content that people want, need or care about
  • Feature writing / Guest posting / Commentary (Huffington Post) / Technical publications  / Evening standard etc
  • Check out
Tactics To Get More Website Links

2. Content ideas

  • Simple people stories or case studies
  • Get some interviews with key players (and when you get the interviews get the link)
  • Topics could be based around
    • Challenges faced
    • Why did you do it
    • Where did it all happen
    • Whats next within the sector
    • etc

3. Media Calendars

With your sector check out the publications features calendars (normally within media kits). Look for the Features / Desk Editor

  • “media kit” filetype :pdf in url

4. Creative Commons Imagery

  • These are images that can be used with attribution
  • What images are people using when searching for an article on ….
  • Use Flickr – set licence to “creative comms please credit”
  • Use Pixsy – for managing attributes – you upload the images

5. Do a survey

  • Create s source of info
  • What public available statistics can we get
  • What statistics are people looking for

6. Offer your clients case studies / testimonials

  • Here is a testimonial – please can we have a link

Tactics To Get More Website Links

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